Nov 15


Hello Everyone;

Kristin and I have been talking about blogging a lot lately because we feel like it is so important. In today’s Google market there are some real advantages to creating and maintaining a blog.

Here are some reasons blogs should be important to you. One we all use Google to gain information, blogs help people discover you because patrons, customers, and employers all use Google. Another importance of blogs it that they allow you to positively promote a concept, product, or your skills easily and uniquely.

We have been working with a lot of students that are graduating with a trade of some sort. For them blogs are not only great “check me out” sites, they are also a internet business cards, resumes and or CVs.

By owning a blog you are illustrating 21st century skills and values. You demonstrate that your company and product is relevant today. Beyond all of this you illustrate that you are relevant.

Now there is even Pew Research to back us up. Check it out:


Happy Blogging,

Aug 22

Take Action & Profit

Hello Everyone;

We are on an action kick today.

Have you had an idea today that would help your business, non-profit, or library progress?

Did that idea give you an emotional buzz? Did it come clearly laid out in your mind? Did it come as an answer to a question you have been pondering?

If so…Have you taken your idea to the next level by taking action?

If not…why not? You have the idea, you have the plan, you have the passion – take action!

Make that idea a reality, visualize a positive outcome, and put your creativity to work for you.

So… strike while the iron is hot and start etching out your niche. Connect your passion with your hands and feet and carry out your dreams.

Today is your day to make the impossible happen.

What was your idea?

Can it help others around you solve a problem?

Share it here.


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Aug 08

How To Create A Blog

Due to popular demand, We have written a short booklet explaining how to create a professional blog. 

Here it is Creating a WordPress Blog.

We hope this helps any and all of our readers that wanted a blog but did not know how to make one.

Blogs are a great way to market yourself and your knowledge. Whether you are applying for jobs, starting your own business, trying to attract a larger clientele, or attract more patrons, or donors… a blogs is a great tool.

Blogs are socially interactive, great Word Of Mouth Marketing devices, and an easy way to gain a web presence.


Aug 04

Business Blogging 101

Hello Everyone;

Kristin and I have been helping some career students start up their own professional blogs. We really think these blogs are helpful tools so we have created a short presentation to motivate other entrepreneurs.

Building your business on the web_plus

We hope this helps any of you that are on the fence about blogging.

As a side note the animated videos are from They are easy to create and a great way to engage your readers and site visitors.

Let us know what you think about this. Do you need help blogging?


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Jun 22

New Focus

Hello Everyone;

So as you know good intentions are still only intentions. I am afraid that our good intentions of writing many posts have become only intentions and not realities. That being said we are writing now.

Kristin has become the Librarian for Pinnacle Career Institute. She has the wonderful pleasure of helping trade students with their assignments and navigating databases.

Delaina has been working on bridging the “Digital Divide” by helping helping some of the PCI students market themselves on the Web by building professional blogs.

One thing is for sure…we are having a blast helping others succeed.

Thank you for reading,

Jan 09

New Year and New Marketing

Hello Everyone;

2011 has gotten off to a great start.

Delaina recently graduated from the University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Sciences program in December. Then, following graduation we packed up and moved to Kansas City, MO.

We are settling into our new community.

We will both be in Uganda most of January, where we will be consulting for a non-profit and a small business.

In February you can expect us to come back in full force and full of posts.


Nov 22

Marketing Monday: Self Paced Tutorial

This week, we discovered a neat library marketing tutorial from the Ohio Libraries. This is from the Ohio Library Council and is primarily focused on library marketing in Ohio, but there is so much great information and links to other resources that we wanted to share it with everyone, as we are sure that you will get a lot of great information and ideas from many of the pages.

Here is the link:

Ohio Library marketing trainingPages that caught my eye? ~ there is an entire section on Marketing your library on the internet which I thought was going to be VERY useful, until I noticed that this site was created in 2008. ~ That is a funny statement in itself, right? only 2 years old and I was thinking of a couple of ways that this tutorial could be expanded/improved on. eeks! BUT it  did make the statement about “go where your users are” and like I mentioned there are a lot of other great links.

So check this Ohio Library Tutorial out and see what you think

Nov 15

Marketing Monday: Resources From Gale

While poking around on the internet and searching for new marketing ideas for libraries I happened upon this interesting website from Gale. Here is the link:

Library Marketing Help from GaleThe website has 4  nice step-by -step Marketing and public relations tools to help you get out the word for your next library event.  I liked the Press-Release Template that shows just what is needed for a nice, clear press-release. I also thought that the Publicity Guidelines, and the 5 steps that were clearly broken down, would be fantastic the next time I am needing to promote a library event or an activity.

There was even a section on the right ways to prepare a mailing piece (card weight, size of booklet etc…) so that it would go threw all the Post Office Machines quickly and easily.

Have you ever used these Gale Resources before? What kind of promotions do you usually use when you are trying to let your users know about your great events?

Nov 01

Marketing Monday:Fooling Around Back in the States

First… Thank You Canada for all of your great marketing ideas!
Ok so Kris and I know that Marketing can put fear in some hearts, but just remember Marketing your library is easier than gift wrapping a cat…

Ok maybe not as easy as gift wrapping this cat.
But seriously – think about the video:

There is a plan that will produce your objective

  • The cat is natural drawn to the sound of its paws on the paper, as your patrons will be to see themselves as more a part of the library.

There is a formula that will promote success

  • Encourage the cat’s presents on the paper – seen in the video as a stroke on the back *Caution you might want to use a less contact method such as saying hello to your patron or asking them to participate in a survey assessing their needs and expectations of the library.

Have a researched blueprint of your plan

  • You will want to make sure you know what your patrons’ needs are –use the surveys you just collected. – Seen in the video by the wrapper knowing where to make the cuts in the paper, and how not to scare off the cat.

After the job is done make a full assessment of your accomplishments.

  • You can use such instruments such a follow up survey. In the video they use the camera to show the completeness of the job and to illustrated thoroughness.

Then reward the patrons for their participation.

  • You might simply create a fun sign by the front doors thanking your patrons for participating in whatever you called the event. In the video the cat was stroked but again we would avoid physical but contact with your patrons. However non-creepy emotional contact is highly advised. It is important to let your patrons know you are warm blooded information promoter, not a programmed book pusher.

No matter what remember to have fun.


Oct 28

The Public Libraries In Whitehorse, Yukon

For our final post on the wonderful Canadian Libraries, Celebrating Canadian Library Month we are checking out what is going on in the Whitehorse, the capital of the Yukon

Public library in Whitehorse, YukonI must admit  that I was surprised to learn that the entire Territory of Yukon is under the same library system, with the main branch in Whitehorse.  But when I realized that the entire Territory’s population is 35,000 ( Of which 2/3 live in Whitehorse) I was really impressed. Yukon Public Library Link

The Whitehorse branch of the Yukon Public Library (again) is open during the week for longer hours than here in Tucson. (sorry, just had to get that in one last time! Grrrr) and mentions the usual collection of library programs such as story time and author readings.  It was hard to find more information on great programs for residents of Yukon, as the website was for the entire system and mentioned for more information to go to each branch. (P.S. If you are  interested in creating a free WordPress blog for each branch- just let us know we would be happy to help!)

But  there was program that was on the Whitehorse Library website that  I had not heard about before. It was Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.  This organization was started by Dolly Parton and it delivers 1 book a year for each child in the area until they turn 5 (They will then receive a “graduation book”). How neat is that?  I am guessing that this program works in more rural areas, but I am not sure. Here is the link if you want to check out the Imagination Library

What a great idea from Dolly Parton!

Well, the end of the month is upon us and we both have enjoyed researching and reading about all the cool happenings and Ideas that are going on in Canada.  I love hearing about creative and cool marketing ideas and library programs that are going on, it gives us all great ideas about stuff we can do in our own libraries and communities.

We hope you enjoyed our “visit” to Canadian Libraries this month…. If you have another area that you would like us to checkout, or a subject you would like us to focus on, Please leave a comment or send us an email. THANKS!

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